Are you feeling a lack of confidence and direction in life right now?

On paper, you have a good life but inside, you often feel:
- self doubt
- insecurity
- the need to constantly apologize to others
- the sinking feeling as if you are just not doing well in any area within your life
(work, in your relationships, or within your family)
- a need to cope and rely on food, alcohol, or netflix to numb your true feelings

You know deep down that there is a better version of yourself waiting to RISE UP but every time you try to establish some sort of practice to be better, it always falls through?

Is this you?

I get it. I’ve been there and I have now developed the practices to step up and into the inner bad ass that always existed in me but I just didn’t know how to access her.

I want to help you do the same!

I have created a powerful program for you.  

It is a 6 week intensive program to wake you up to your potential and help you to step up and into a life of:


to be who you are meant to be in any role within your life.

  • The bad ass co-worker who inspires and motivates others.

  • The bad ass parent who shows their kids to embody their worth.

  • The bad ass entrepreneur who creates the income and impact they desire in their business by being confident in who they are

  • The friend who holds space with love and non judgement.  


around who you really are and how you want to feel.


to take the necessary action to level up and create a loving, abundant, and purpose driven life.  


to make this life what it is meant to be.  To have fun, play and be present.


to be centered in this emotion and spread it with your community. 

This is for you if...

+  You’re ready to uplift yourself with loving thoughts
+  You’re ready to know  your worth within your life and business
+  You’re ready to step into your personal power and inspire others to do the same
+  You’re ready to embrace all choices and opportunities within your life with confidence
+  You’re ready to gain control over unwanted habits + patterns
+ You’re ready to make peace with your past and the mistakes you may have made
+  You’re ready to give yourself the love and devotion you know you deserve


Your greatest awakening comes, the moment you decide to fully step into your power.


This Mentorship Includes:

6 weeks of 1:1 coaching
6  1hr coaching sessions (via Zoom)
Unlimited coaching via Voxer App
Unlimited support and guidance via email
1 life purpose oracle card reading
1 30 min boundary setting crash course (learn to say no and make choices that feel right for you)
1 supportive crystal for your journey into self
1 BONUS 1hr coaching sessions (to be used within 12 months after completion of program)
Unlimited love from me to you ♡



I’ve been struggling with anxiety and depression for quite some time now. So long that it felt like I had completely lost who I was. I had feelings of defeat thinking I was never going to be happy again. I tried therapists, I tried medication, but none of these things amounted to what Alexcia was able to do for me. My only wish was that I found her sooner.

What I didn’t know about my struggle with mental health, was that it all came back to my lack of self-love. Working on myself for the last 6 weeks with Lex has been challenging, but SO rewarding. I have never felt more accepting and loving towards myself in… well ever.

If you are struggling in silence and feel as though you have tried everything and nothing seems to be working, I promise you that Alexcia will change your life. I know this because that’s exactly what she did for me. My life has done a complete 180, and I truthfully didn’t think I would ever get to this point again. But I did, and I have Alexcia to thank for it all <3
— Jillian D.

It is no exaggeration when I say that Alexcia changed my life; or rather, she helped ME change my life.

I came across her content when I was in a really dark place; My relationship had become toxic, I was feeling wounded, hurt, isolated and just an overall sense of ‘how did I get here’

I had been following her for a couple weeks when one day I had recieved an invitation from her, for me to join her Mentorship program.

I immediately felt outed - ‘how did she know?’ I kept asking.

But I felt it in my gut; the universe was screaming at me, giving me this wonderful gift. Asking me to trust.
And so I took the plunge.

And now after completing these 6 weeks I can’t imagine where I would have been had I not trusted Alexcia, and myself.
I am so proud of how far I have come, and how empowered and in control I feel.

This work is HARD. I cried through more than half of my conversations with Alexcia. But that is truely where the magic is. In those tough, deeply rooted experiences and thoughts that you have hidden in the attic of your mind.

This investment was so much bigger and beautiful than any cell phone, pair of shoes, or handbag.
It was an investment in myself - and I can honestly say it’s the best investment I have ever made.

I could go on for pages, but if I could give any advice to someone just starting, or considering taking this journey it is this:
• Trust; Lex, yourself, the process.
• Be open and honest; with yourself and with Lex.
• Be committed; Show up, make time, do the work. Even when it’s hard.

There is so much beauty those hard days.
You are going to come out of this journey an elevated version of yourself.
Its SO worth it.
know that you can do it.

If you’re feeling scared to jump in, then that is all the more reason to show up, and do the damn thing.

Forever Grateful.
— Muriah M.

I cannot share enough positive things about working with Alexcia. As a person she is genuinely brimming with love and light, knowledge, and kindness. As a mentor she is constantly learning and growing herself. She is always in the work, and this is why she is such an amazing mentor.
She holds you accountable with gentle love that supports you, lifts you up, and celebrates your growth. She holds space for you and pushes you to go deeper.
Alexcia worked with me to customize a ritual to support me in my journey and the tools she gave me within my ritual truly shifted my thought patterns, emotional thinking, and gave me the ability to ground myself and choose to live in the present.
She guided me through areas of my life where I have been stuck and taught me how to shift, move through blocks, break patterns, and choose to live in the moment. She showed me the ways to prioritize myself without guilt or fear and helped me learn how to truly love myself so I can genuinely show up for the people in my life I care about. I learned how to stop acting from a place of fear and instead come from a place of love. I learned the universe works in really crazy, amazing ways when you open your heart and get real with yourself and your goals.
Not only is my heart full and my soul lighter because of Alexcia entering my life, but I am inspired to learn, expand, and continue my journey. I understand myself to a higher degree, I am nicer to myself, and I learned what self love looks like for me. All of that made me a happier, lighter, and brighter person.
— Megan H.

I just finished my 1:1 Mentorship with the AMAZING Alexcia Bonis. I’ll be straight up here: the past few months I’ve been feeling very out of touch with myself, hard on myself, doing things to get by but not with intention, doing random tasks, anxious, fear, tired, & unmotivated. I wasn’t doing much for myself at all.
Doing this was a huge was a huge LEAP for me. After meeting with Alexcia weekly I started to realize my blocks, and how to overcome them. My big blocks we’re personal boundaries (not being able to say no) & fear of failure.

A few of my takeaways from this:
* Finding gratitude in everything, even the shitty things.
* Regaining my mornings like I never have before (Not going on my phone for the first 15 minutes of my day, meditation)
* Learning how to show up everyday as my authentic self
* Learning to celebrate myself

Alexcia is such a sweetheart, but she knows how to keep you on track. She messaged me everyday seeing if I had done what I said I was going to do. I loved that accountability. Some of the BEST moments we’re in our meetings when we would notice a change in myself and we would CELEBRATE together. She has given me the tools to combat any shitty thing that is happening in life. I am so grateful that I took this opportunity to better MYSELF.
— Tanner G.

My mentorship with Alexcia has completely transformed my relationship with myself and how I approach every day. I had been engaging in destructive behaviours for years and would always find ways to sabotage my own happiness. Alexcia helped me develop tools to come back to myself, be kind to myself, and really dig in with myself. I learned how to make time, get grounded, and set intentions. She leads through love and helped me find so many things within myself that I hadn’t seen before. She has inspired me to take chances, let go of what other people think, and be kind to my body. I highly recommend this mentorship to anyone who feels like they are not aligned. My actions, thoughts, and feelings had not been aligned for so long, and I can honestly say I have never felt more like myself! Alexcia is such an incredible soul that I feel so lucky to have worked with on this journey!
— Emily M.

Working with Alexcia was the best decision I could have made for myself this year. From the first time we talked she had this amazing energy about her, and I instantly felt understood and at ease. She has the ability to call you out and give you a kick in the ass so you can deal with the uncomfortable feelings, in the most inspiring and supportive way. Alexcia has taught me to be aware of my ego and gave me the tools to deal with self-limiting beliefs and so much more. She has the ability to put anything she explains into simple terms, and has changed the way I look at different situations and how we can connect to ourselves! She kept me accountable, but made me put in the work so I am able to learn how to use the strategies she taught me on my own. Alexcia created a daily ritual for me to start my day off right, and to use as a tool to help me connect with myself and be able to sort through my emotions as the day goes on.
I learned it’s ok to have triggers and negative emotions, but it’s more important to learn how to deal with them.

I 100% recommend working with Alexcia, and I can’t wait to continue working with her in the future!
— Courtney S.

I feel like a new person. I am a new person. For so long I classified myself as someone who had anxiety and depression, and lived in a world thinking it would never go away. That was false. It was all trauma induced, limited beliefs, behaviour conditioning, and me getting in the way of myself and was ALL curable with healing. This girl helped me to that. I finally feel myself. I feel truly at peace. I feel able to move forward with my life knowing I now have the tools and awareness to do so when triggers arise. I truly can’t explain the level and potential in which Alexcia has helped me reach. Words actually can’t explain, but she knows. Because she has seen my growth. She knows my story, and honours it. Growth and calling yourself out on your own shit is NOT fun, but it is necessary to feel free. Her program is built so that you are fully ready to go through each step when YOU are ready and don’t feel overwhelmed by it. I don’t know what I did to deserve a coach like her but I do know she is an angel on earth. A GIFT YAL. Embrace the gifts she has to offer!! She is here for ya. If you are tired of feeling lost, unworthy of literally anything you might feel unworthy of, or feel stuck with your own thoughts- LORD ALMIGHTY. This program is a MUST for you.
— Seanna K.

When I contacted Alexcia and decided to join her mentorship, I was hitting rock bottom. I did not like myself, I thought I was a failure, I believed I did not deserve to be celebrated, I felt like I wasn’t enough, I was seeking validation from others, I felt unloved, and when others treated me like dirt I believed I deserved it. I allowed close friends and family to hurt me because I had no personal boundaries.

I did not know my life was about to change when I started working with her haha! Friends are able to see a difference in me, how crazy is that! Only after 4 weeks, my close friends could see a huge shift in me. I was more confident, self-assured, I was comfortable in my own skin, and satisfied with myself. HUGE CHANGES! I have never felt this way on such a deeper level. Want to hear something even crazier?! I was able to successfully establish personal boundaries with loved ones and friends in a loving way, HOW AMAZING IS THAT!!! I have also learned to speak from a place of love and having my own back, something I did not know how to do.

I had the best time working with Alexcia! She lovingly calls me out when I am avoiding any work (ahem ahem boundaries), she has been incredibly patient, very supportive, and honestly the best coach I have ever had! I have never received this amount of support before and I don’t think I would have been able to grow to this extent if Alexcia wasn’t in my life.

It isn’t just about self-esteem and feeling better, it’s about how amazing my soul is feeling. My soul is incredibly happy and grateful. This mentorship has been SO profound that we are already in the works of starting a second one and I cannot wait!
— Archana G.

Since working with Lex I have found a new approach to everything I do. I no longer take others actions personally. I have learned to tools to move from judgment to love and compassion. Before working with Lex I was constantly shoulding all over myself and consumed by paralyzing guilt. I now have the tools and confidence to be honest with what I need and speak my truth in that. If you are feeling like there is something more to your life and who you are, this program that will light the way for you. You’d be crazy not to work with Alexcia!
— Krista B.

The biggest benefit I got from hiring Lex was the energy I felt afterwards. It renewed my sense of purpose, commitment, and I felt more aligned then ever. She was able to relax me, help me get into the flow and ultimately stopped me from blocking the money I desired in my business and the balance I desired at home. An overall incredible experience that I HIGHLY recommend to others!
— Karey K.